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Orchid Bouquet Orchid Wedding Bouquets

 Orchid bridal bouquet, orchid bridal bouquets.

Exotic flowers

give a splendid and colorful touch to the home or a wedding. Beautiful plants maybe dendrobium, cymbidium or other orchid flower give the perfect orchid wedding bouquets.

Using different colored orchids including white give the right touch.

Below are a few ideas how to put different orchids together to form great wedding bouquets. A rather simple configuration but very good looking must not

cost a fortune. With today ready available flowers via internet order and quick delivery brought down prices because of fierce competition.

Naturally this bouquets could be bigger, higher and some more different types of flowers could be included. In any case this cut flowers are ok for a couple of days and when they are gone just order new ones. This flowers look great and exotic, its something different.

Orchid Wedding Bouquet
Orchid Wedding Bouquet
Orchid Wedding Bouquet 1
Orchid Wedding Bouquet 1


 Wedding images always show flower decoration.

Bridesmaids in pretty dresses holding bouquets in their hands, plus small flower girls with small bouquets. And here comes the bride in a beautiful dress having a beautiful bouquet of orchid flowers in her hands.

The tradition of carrying a great orchid bridal bouquet is not so old since orchids reached mainstream only about hundred years ago. Flowers symbolize fertility and orchid flowers add a special touch of exotic beauty.

Orchid bridal bouquets are usually a large arrangement of different orchids with different colors, but not only. A great idea is for sure a flower assembly with one color only, usually white.

Its not as easy to choose the flowers for the bridal bouquet, but there are no "right" or "wrong" bouquets, there are only beautiful flower arrangements. The only relation the flowers should have is to the color of the brides dress.

A colorful bridal orchid bouquet could be just the right contrast to a bride dressed in all white. The shape is also something to think about. Most popular orchid arrangement is round one, but not only, just let your fantasy work. Add a twist to it by with some greenery and lace. A other idea for your special orchid arrangement could be, fix crystals to your bridal bouquet to have it sparkle.

In general ask your florists they usually have some experience to handle this, but donít let them dominate your bridal bouquet idea, its your your wedding day.

Orchid bridal bouquet pink
Orchid bridal bouquet pink
Orchid Wedding Bouquet 2
Orchid Wedding Bouquet 2
orchid wedding bouquet - orchid bouquet 1
Orchid wedding bouquet
  orchid wedding bouquet - orchid bouquet 4
Prchid wedding bouquet - orchid bouquet 4.jpg

Each orchid wedding bouquets or orchid bridal bouquet shown right at the first row above and below is only 1 $ each -no joke-. It might be much more expensive elsewhere but this is the price in Phuket Thailand. If the orchid wedding bouquets or orchid bridal bouquet is bought from the nursery it probably will be larger and a bit more diverse.

orchid bouquet
Orchid bouquet
orchid bouquet red orchids
Orchid bouquet red orchids
orchid wedding bouquet - orchid bouquet 2
Orchid wedding bouquet - orchid bouquet 2

Here you can see some beautiful bouquets ideas and wedding bouquets or bridal bouquet. One of the most fascinating with orchids are the forms and colors of the flowers. Among others are cymbidium, white orchid, green plants, dendrobium and vanda bouquets.

Orchid bouquet, orchid wedding bouquet orchid bridal bouquet, orchid bridal bouquets.

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